Create an automatic pending payment table according to start and end date. MRR

I have a Profiles table.
Each profile pay monthly according to start and end date.

I want to create another table out of this table with payments request per month.
Each payment request is per whole month / or until the end date
start date 1.6.22 end date 20.6.22
payment request will have from 1.6.22 to 20.6.22 instead of 1.6.22 to 30.6.22 and amount will be the % of the “amount to pay monthly” which is in the profile table.

So basically an Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

  • A worker will start and fill all pending payment manually once he see it get paid in the back.
  • If a Pending moved to Paid don’t overrun it with pending again…

Wow this airtable is so low in terms of features and tools, better use a Django DB + some scripting will take 5% of the time and much cheaper.