Creating an IA Document with many pages

Hi There,

I am trying to create an Information Architecture document for an extremely large website. There are around 2000 pages.

I have created a view where using the Visual (org chart) block I can display the entire chart.

I would like to create a view where I can view all children pages under a parent page, including grandchildren pages in an orgchart/visual manner.

Can you let me know if there’s a way I can create a view where I can see everything under a particular parent page?


Presumably you’ve achieved this through single-table linked records, linking a page to its parent.

First, create a lookup field that looks up the Parent of the current row’s Parent (Grandparent).

Then create a View that filters to show only records where:

  • Page name = [Top parent page you want]
  • Parent = [Top parent page you want]
  • Grandparent = [Top parent page you want]

Finally, create an Org Chart block based on that View.

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