Creating multiple records with one form submission

Hi all,

I do property inspections and wanted to create a template where I can fill out every time I do an inspection but it can create multiple records. For example, here are the main items I inspect (doors, walls, drains, landscaping, etc) And I would like to fill out a form that can create a different record for each of those items. Is that possible at all?

Thanks in advance!

Yes and no.

Yes, Airtable can be tweaked to create multiple records after a form has been submitted, but it’s not a built-in feature. Each form submission only creates a single record. To do the multi-record system will require an automation triggered by the new form record. Most likely it would need to create those extra records somewhere other than the table where the form adds its records, although with the right setup it may be possible to keep everything in a single table and not create an endless loop of records triggering records triggering records.

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