CSV import to respect sort order


I’m importing a table using the CSV import block. My table is laid out in a specific order I’d like to keep.

When I import the CSV file and sort the table by Date Created, the rows get all over the place. Now, I understand that by importing the CSV all the rows are created at the exact same time and maybe that’s causing Airtable to sort it wrongly.

So I’m looking for a work around to be able to import the CSV and keep my table sorted by Date Created to keep subsequent new entries always at the top.

Thank you!

Hi @Gustavo_VD,

The only work around I can think of is if you add a Field to the CSV file and call it (Date Created) and change it before importing then sort by it.


Yes, I’d end up with 2 Date Created fields. One from the imported CSV and another one auto-generated based on the new entries.

I couldn’t find a better solution.

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