Custom URL issue

Hi guys, I upgraded to the pro account so I could send my customers to a custom URL after they complete my form. However, in every browser I try, the re-direct isn’t working and the page is being blocked. Obviously I am not happy with this as it was the main reason I upgraded and it is important that the re-direct works correctly, so the customer gets the closing information required. Please let me know if anyone can advise. Thanks, Rosie

Hey Rosie! Sorry you’re having trouble - Is the redirect working for you? (i.e. if you share it in the way you hope your client can - Can you see what you’d expect them to see?)

If so, Can you perhaps ask your client a few clarifying questions:

What is the error they are getting?
Are they able to log-into Airtable otherwise?
Do they have any software installed that might prevent a successful connection (e.g. Firewall etc)

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