Default value for single select column?

+1 seems like a quick fix but its years later now maybe I’m missing something?

+1 on adding this feature

This is really the very first thing I googled after creating a few test records. Come on…

To create default values, you can use On2Air.

We have the default value option in both our On2Air Actions and On2Air Amplify apps.

The Actions app adds the default value as an automation.

With Actions, you also get an additional 60+ features that integrate with Airtable.

Features like creating Google Docs automatically with Airtable data, bulk create, edit, or delete multiple records, set default field values, copy fields, perform financial calculations, sync Google Sheets, and more.

With the Amplify app, you add the default values for your fields. Then every time you create a new record in Amplify, the default is automatically added.

Amplify is a record dashboard app that lets you customize how you view records, linked records, linked tables, and more. You can also edit and view any Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide directly inside Airtable.

+1 for this feature request