Delete a task asana if corresponding record is deleted

Hello, i need help with integrating with asana. I have set it up using integromat successfully to update a task, mark it as complete/incomplete or create a new task.

Now, i would like to create a option whereby, i could delete an asana task when the record that created it in the first place is deleted in the airtable. The flow would that i created a record, which in turn created a task in asana. Now, for any reason, if a delete the record, i would like the task to be deleted as well.

I need help with the filter specifically how could integromat recognize the task that should be deleted.

Kindly guide.

When you create the task, log the asana task ID in Airtable (create a field to hold this data). Then you can use this ID to find in Asana and take action on it. As a general rule whenever I create something through an integration I record the unique identifier (Id) so that is it linked to the Airtable record. Then you can use that id to find and take actions.

Hello, thanks for the reply however i am already using the unique identifier for actions such as new task, update task or mark complete/incomplete.

I need guidance to delete a task when if the corresponding record that created the task has been deleted. The problem is that the unique identifier(asana id) will also be delete when the record is deleted so how can i set up a filter that helps it recognize the task to be deleted.

One option is that instead of the standard way to delete, you instead create a check mark field. Set up an automation that when the check mark is entered a script runs that deletes the task in Asana (you can use asana api or trigger a web hook to integromat) and then deletes the record.

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Thankyou. That worked like a charm. If you are comfortable, could you also look at my other topic and see if you could suggest a solution for that.

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