Deleting (or updating) record set


Hi guys,

I’d love to see the existing ‘filterByFormula’ feature for ‘List records’ to be implemented for (batch) deletion of a record set.

The GET request already has this option which would fit most (if not all?) ‘cleaning up’ scenarios too IMHO. Just replace ‘returned’ with ‘deleted’, issue a DELETE request to the table endpoint and we’re done. :wink:


A formula used to filter records. Only records which satisfy the formula will be returned. If combined with view, only records in that view which satisfy the formula will be returned.

As a side note: I could also use this in UPDATE situations. To set timestamps or other flags for a set of records.

Best, Arthur.



Beta now available for batch create, update, and delete API endpoints! If anyone would like to help test and provide feedback on these improvements, please fill out this form: