Displaying records that appeared in the last 4 days but only display these records from X date to X date of the week

Hey guys,

I am having a little issue and hopefully you can help me please.

I have new records being added to a table via Zapier/form.

Every Thursday of the week at 10 AM, I have Zapier put together a digest of records added in the last 4 days and sent via Gmail.

My issue is that I need the records to be in a specific order according to a field value (I already set the order via the table according to this specific field).

However, when using the Zapier digest, it adds records automatically as records are added since this is how Airtable and Zapier work. So the ORDER is not respected.

Therefore, I created a view of my table that only shows records from the last 4 days and in order.

But what I really need is for this view to only show records from last 4 days AND:

  • Display records in the view from Wednesday to Thursday of each week (by doing this, we are adding all records at the same time and in correct order).

Is there a way to display records created within 4 days of Thursday but only show all these records from each Wednesday to Thursday in a view?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.