Dsplay buttons based on stage using If/then formula

Use case:

View order progress in Kanban view and display relevant button based on stage. For instance, if I received an order I would see a ‘send order email confirmation button’ and when the order moves to order shipped I’d see ‘send order shipped email button’.

Can I use a formula to display a button? Is there a way to filter columns in Kanban view? Any thoughts on an approach I can take or direction to go? Any tips, insights, or code would be appreciated.

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Hi @Paul_Miller,

I would think this is not possible since the button name cannot be changed using a formula (im not sure if you mean both in 1 button or separate fields?)

If you mean separate fields, then the best option is to have separate views then, so when you send the first email confirmation It would go out of view to the next view?


Thanks Mohamed,

I am indeed looking at having 2 button fields and just filtering the view within the columns. I think that a separate view options will be my work around.