Error: network timeout on update

Hello everyone,

I’ve got this error Error: network timeout at:

But this weird thing is that the update works. But still, i have this error.

    fields: {
        "refreshtoken": responseJson.refresh_token,
        "accesstoken": responseJson.access_token

The other weird thing is that i dont have the error everytime but just with some “”

This is happening to me as well. It’s a performance issue in their Automation platform. I was going to come here to ask if it is possible to throttle the throughput. I’d rather have an automation that completes reliably but is slower than one that times out constantly.

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It is problematic, i’m flooded by errors even if it works…

I learned one thing from support helped and it was to specifically not include the fields in selectRecordsAsync.

let allRecords = await table.selectRecordsAsync({fields: []});

Thank you Chris for the ping.

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