Export 1 field as a .txt or .svg

I have a field that creates custom .svg code.
How can I bulk export just that field as an .svg file?

Hello @Cathy_Anderson

Nice idea to generate custom SVG using Airtable Formulas, never thought of this :+1:

You cannot “Download” a file using Airtable Script because it is running in a restricted context. (can someone confirm this ?)

I would go for an external automation like Integromat where you would run it as a batch or when individual line is created.
Then I would use an integromat block like Google Drive to create a custom file “.svg” (or create a zip of all SVGs, then upload or email it)

Would that fit your requirements ?


Never used integromat… guess nows the time to try. Will get back to you

thank you! It took a bit of fiddling but at least I got somewhat close to my goal with Integromat. Appreciate your help

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