Extracting excel values that were submitted through Airtable form

Hello community,

I am working to creating an airtable form that will allow users to provide cost estimates for various conservation activities. Currently, they input this information into a word document and do all the cost calculations themselves. This information is then input into the airtable manually.
In the form, I could set up each activity with its own field for cost, unit, etc. to get this information , but would like a cleaner way of gathering this information.

So my idea is to create an excel sheet with drop down selections that can auto-calculate the totals for the user. Then have that user upload the excel into an airtable form. But how do I get that information out of the excel and into the airtable table without someone needing to manually do that?
I see that it is possible to extract text from a PDF that is attached to a form, is something like this possible for excel?
Has anyone ever done something like this?

Example of the current table:

Any help is appreciated!

I am guessing something like this is not currently possible for airtable.

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