Facebook Pixel on Embedded Form - https://macknade.com/orders-for-delivery-collection/

Hi there. I have setup an airtable form, which I have embedded on our website. Is it possible to put a Facebook tracking pixel on the form submit button so I can see whether our advertising is working or not? I would be really grateful for any advice. Thanks, Rosie!

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Hi Rosie,

Since you’re embedding the form via iFrame, I don’t think you can add a Facebook Pixel. However, how I’ve seen teams solve for this is by adding the facebook pixel to the page itself and pre-filling fields in the form itself with the variables you’d like to track.

Hope that helps

Thanks Aron. I am confused how pre-filling the form will help? I want to track customers clicking the ‘submit’ button so we know if the Facebook advertising is working.

Could you send me an example and/or more detailed instructions?


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Hi Aron - your reply was helpful here, I have the same exact issue that I’m trying to solve. One question, is it possible to prefill hidden fields in a form? It is weird to prefill variables or UTM parameters in a field that’s visible to the user. Thanks!