Field permissions linked with views

From what I’ve read about the field permissions this isn’t possible, but I hope someone has found a workaround for this? Without Forms, preferably!

On View 1 I’d like a field to be utilized by all. then as the workflow progresses and moves to view 2 this field is locked to prevent the user from making changes to the filed and so on.

Just create a formula field that equals the field you want to lock off. Formula fields are “read only” fields, so they can’t be edited by the user.

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But remember, if they go back to the original view, they’ll be able to access the field again.

See, I knew someone had this answer. Thank you @ScottWorld!!! Anyway you can show me an example of the formula field. Would this be a concentrate or could I use a lookup/rollup?

The only thing in the formula would be a pointer to the field you want to “lock.” For example, if your target field is named something like {Bid Price}, then the Formula field could be named something like {Bid Price Locked}, with the formula:

{Bid Price}

That would duplicate the value in the {Bid Price} field, but wouldn’t be editable.

Thank you @Justin_Barrett. You and @ScottWorld saved me so much trouble!!

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