Filtering by location and then creating a map

Hi! This may be too big of a question but I wanted to try… there’s two components to what we want.

1 - Someone is going to enter their address via a form. We then want to search one of our tables to find every office within say 10 miles of that person’s address. Is that possible?

2 - Once we hopefully have a list of offices that meet the location criteria, we’d want to show those offices on a map.


That’s certainly within the realm of possibilities for a Custom App. Are you inquiring to find a developer to build it for you? If so, I would recommend switching this to the “Development & Integrations > Hire a Consultant” category.

No question is too big. :wink:

Surprisingly, Airtable can do big things with Custom Apps. These examples are both from custom apps designed to create a seamless integration between MapBox and Airtable data. This video gives you the flavour of the Covid-19 map and you can even purchase a copy of the React code here.

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