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Hi All,

Basic question here - we have a lot of collaborators in our Account who all want to use filters concurrently.

Whats the best way to manage this?

Currently, I go into our table and if someone has a filter on I cannot use the system - definitely something im missing here

Thanks all in advance!

Hi @Keith_Docherty,

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I can definitely see how that could get hectic, but we have a solution! We recommend that when someone wants to do a particular filter or configuration, they create a new view to use while operating in the base. Each view is its own specific, individual way of looking at your table – so each collaborator could even create their own individual view with their own filters, grouping, and so on, without affecting the configuration of the other views.

Please note, while creating different views allows you to create specific ways to view your data, it is still the same underlying data so any changes or edits will change the data across every view in the table.

If you are on a Pro plan workspace, Personal views and locked views are also something you may want to check out.

Hope this helps!

Smashed it thanks mate

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