Finance Base: calculate owing from data

So … I have a base where two people add and withdraw from one bank account. The account is supposed to be 50/50 … but one person isn’t contributing as much as the other.

I have all the data in, but I need a breakdown like a dashboard … that takes 50% of the expenses that both pay … and adds the expenses that only one pays … does that make sense?

I have a base, but I’m hesitant to share it here, because it has a lot of financial data. If you think you can help, I’ll totally DM it to you.

theres a few ways to do this. lemme play and get back to you.

I think this would best be a video call where we can share screens and talk about the specific data and circumstance I cant really give good advice before knowing how you’re getting your data and how you want the base to function. i do however know several ways to solve the problem.

don’t worry i’m not trying to sell you anything lol


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