Formula field type for pivot table

When a table is synced the field type of a formula is changed to long text (which makes sense).
Is there also a way to change it to short text? Long Texts can’t be used in Pivot tables (but results of formulas can). Therefore I’m not able to create the same pivot table in the original and the synced table.

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Its not ideal but you could get around this inconvenience by adding a new formula field to your synced table that just copies the value of the synced field, and use that for the Pivot Table.

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Thats a good idea, that will work :slight_smile:
Of cause it’s not ideal, since there will be two visually identical fields in the table.

My quick fix that I did was to redo the formula, since I had all the required data in the synced table. But your solution is easier and more universal.

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