Formula help # of Days after date

I am trying to make a formula that will create a status after a certain # of days has passed


Client Makes Appointment
Appointment date is added to the record
The field called “Client Status” is changed to “Evaluating Proposal”

What I need:
7 days later the “Client Status” is still “Evaluating Proposal” then change the formula field to say “Follow Up Email OverDue”

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If I understand your scenario correctly, I think this will do what you want:

         {Date Appointment was Created},
      ) >= 7,
      {Client Status} = "Evaluating Proposal"
   "Follow Up Email OverDue"

You’ll need to capture the {Date Appointment was Created} (I’m assuming this is the key date in the “7 days later” calculation, and not the actual {Appointment Date}). This can be done either by capturing the Created Date for the record in that type of field (if new records are created at the time an Appointment is booked) or by using a Last Edited field that watches some key field that will indicate the Appointment was booked.

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that worked!! Thank you

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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