Gallery filter, sort, and search disappear on mobile devices

I am testing airtable for a project I am working on. It shows a list of restaurants offering takeout service in our community during COVID19. I made a gallery view and share it.

One thing I notice is that in the gallery view, the filtering, sorting, and search function at the top of the page are only visible on desktop, not on mobile devices. Is that the case? The function is very important for this use case and most people will be seeing it on mobile. Did I miss something (are they just hidden)? Is there a way to enable them on mobile devices? Thank you.

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The lack of a gallery view on mobile devices is only one difference when on a mobile device. The support website documents others:

Note that the gallery view in view shared to a weblink is viewable in the browser of a mobile device. However, it is read only.

I am experiencing the same thing, and really need the Filter and Sort features visible on iPhones and Android smartphones.

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