Get a link to image attachment for Page Design

I see several similar discussions but can’t find the right solution that actually works. I’m trying to get a link to an image that’s attached to one of my sheets in an airbase, for use in a page designer block. I can get a link to the thumbnail version easily enough by right clicking and choosing copy shortcut, but this is just the thumbnail and not a high enough resolution. I can’t figure out how to get a working URL to the full resolution pdf file that works in the page designer block.

If it’s already in an attachment field, you can just add the attachment field to the Page Designer. If you want to get the link to the file, make sure it’s full screen before getting the link.

Thanks for the reply! The problem with adding the field to page designer is that the data filling the form I’m building in it is in a separate sheet. And regarding getting the link, I just can’t find a way to do it. When I right click the thumbnail I get an Airtable-specific menu that includes an option to copy the url

But when I enlarge to the full size image I get no such menu, but only this on right click:

Ah, right… that only works for image files, not PDF files.

I would recommend creating a formula field to grab the URL of your PDF file, but this formula will ONLY work if you have only have ONE file in your attachment field:

MID({Attachment Field}, FIND('', {Attachment Field}), LEN({Attachment Field}) - FIND('', {Attachment Field}))

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excellent, thank you!

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