WHICH IS BETTER? Merge sheets (including uploaded docs) OR export uploaded docs, with correlation to sheet records?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone - I’ve got a conundrum!

I am trying to provide (a) a list of contact information and (b) corresponding docs to a client.

Currently this information is split over:

  • 3 Airtable sheets; and

  • an external series of folders (and document contents) compressed in a zip file, along with an associated spreadsheet with contact information that helps a user find the folder (and associated contents) of interest.

Ideally they need to be:

  • merged into one consolidated set of “Folders” and information that enables a user to find the correct folder (to search and view the folder contents) external to Airtable; OR
  • external folders (and contents) uploaded to Airtable, then merged into one sheet (also merging the other 3 Airtable sheets).

Any thoughts on the best (easiest, fastest) way to do this (without it being a massive grind of a job)?

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