Google sheets import not converting links properly

Hi, I am trying to import a google sheet where the one columns is all URLs. In order to make the URL column readable, I made each cell the word LINK and then linked that to the actual URL. To put that into HTML terms,

<a href="">LINK</a>

(I am not sure how Google sheets stores that internally.)

Unfortunately, airtable converts that all into either the tag LINK (with rounded corners and pretty color) or the relative URL “link” if you assign the type URL to the column.

I suspect that on import already, Airtable discarded the URL information and just kept the link text?
Is there anything I need to tweak this on import to get the desired effect? Going through all thousand rows an hand-unpacking things back to just the URL is not really an option.

I tried downloading it as an Excel spreadsheet first. In the Excel spreadsheet the links were correct. However, importing the Excel spreadsheet produced the exact same behavior, only LINK.

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