Groupe by id User

As you can see in the image, the id User can group the same records with the group button, but the
Is it possible to show only the ones in this group with the most recent update?

Welcome to the community, @yukari_kon! :smiley: First off, let me clarify what’s happening in the second screenshot you shared. The Group feature in Airtable looks for matching items in a given field across all of your records, and groups whenever it finds a match. If there aren’t any matching items, then each record will end up in its own “group,” as your screenshot shows.

This may be possible, but I’ll need more info about the design of your base. How are these user records tied to their updates? Do they have links to records in the [a Update Users] table? If not, could you share more about how each user’s updates are tracked? That will help me guide you toward the solution.

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