Groups & Counts

Table 1 contains Company name & address and Links to Table 2 & Table 3
Table 2 contains Company Type
Table 3 contains Company social media info

How do I get a count breakdown of how many of each TYPE has which social media platforms?

Type A
FB - 2
IG - 3
Type B
FB - 4
IG - 1


You should be able to do it all in Table 1 and just group by the linked record fields.

  1. Group by “Type” the linked “Table 2” field
  2. Then group by the linked “Table 3” field

The count should automatically display in the inner “Table 3” grouping.

Also, just a thought, you might want to rename your tables for readability. So Table 1 could be named “Companies,” Table 2 “Company Types,” and Table 3 “Social Media Details.”


Thank you for your reply but this does not give me the data I’m looking for. (Note: my tables are label however I thought it would be easier to call them table 1, 2 & 3). I will ask the question again to make sure we are on the same page.

I am tracking social media info for members of a non-profit industry organization.

Members (table) includes company info plus a linked field to “Type” and one to “Social Media”
Phase 1, was had only one type of Members so the count in the Social Media table was correct.
Phase 2, I added a second type of Member identified in the “Type” table.
Now, my Social Media count is reflective of all ALL member types.
I need the report to look at EITHER at Type, then social media OR Social Media, then type.


Regular (Type)
Facebook 20
Instagram 15


Regular 15
Associate 5
Regular 5
Associate 20

Honestly, I feel like I’m missing something.

Have you tried grouping Table 1 by the linked ‘Type’ field, then by the linked ‘Social Media’ field?

Otherwise, please create shared views so that I can see how your base is organized. Warning: I highly recommend you filter those shared views so that only values you feel comfortable sharing publicly are visible.

I did group as you suggested but my results group the social media info as follows:
Facebook - 5
Facebook Twitter - 16
Facebook Instagram Twitter - 2

For some reason, I can’t post links to my shared views.

Thank you for your help.

This makes sense now. So the initial idea to count by grouping won’t work because a company can have multiple social media accounts. So “Facebook Twitter” gets counted separately than “Twitter.”

Maybe someone else has a Rollup related solution you could use in the Social Media Platform table (I wasn’t able to come up with one). The other way to automate it would be to use the Scripting Block. But that requires some coding knowledge, so you may want to hire a developer to write some JavaScript for you.

If you’d like to just count it up in a more manual way, you could filter the list of all the companies by combinations of social media types / company types, then write down the resulting number of visible records. But I know that’s not ideal and tiresome work.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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Thank you for your help. I started with the Regular members and I have those numbers. I’m working on the Associates now. I will figure out what to do next when that data is entered. Again, thanks.

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