HELP! Add multiple records using forms via Integromat

Guys, need your help. I want to create multiple records using forms. I have a linked field called “Property”, I want to add a new record of properties that has the same amount. I don’t want to actually submit a form 3 times.

For example:
Property 1, Property 2, Property 3 = Amount: $50, then SUBMIT

The output in airtable concatenates these in 1 single record instead of adding new records for each property.

Desired output should be like this.
Property 1 - $50
Property 2 - $50
Property 3 - $50


Use an Iterator module, set the array to the field with the comma-seperated list of properties.

Then add the Airtable module to create a new record for each iterated value. Use the original form submission’s values for all Airtable record values with the exception of the record name/id/first column. For that, you would use the value from the iterator.

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Hi @Kamille_Parks, appreciate your reply. But can you elaborate what you meant by using an iterator module? can you show an example please?

Thank you so much for your help @Kamille_Parks!