HELP! Add multiple records using forms via Integromat

Guys, need your help. I want to create multiple records using forms. I have a linked field called “Property”, I want to add a new record of properties that has the same amount. I don’t want to actually submit a form 3 times.

For example:
Property 1, Property 2, Property 3 = Amount: $50, then SUBMIT

The output in airtable concatenates these in 1 single record instead of adding new records for each property.

Desired output should be like this.
Property 1 - $50
Property 2 - $50
Property 3 - $50


Use an Iterator module, set the array to the field with the comma-seperated list of properties.

Then add the Airtable module to create a new record for each iterated value. Use the original form submission’s values for all Airtable record values with the exception of the record name/id/first column. For that, you would use the value from the iterator.

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Hi @Kamille_Parks, appreciate your reply. But can you elaborate what you meant by using an iterator module? can you show an example please?

Thank you so much for your help @Kamille_Parks!

This is an example of why I may leave Airtable for good. Rarely does anyone actually answer a question in a useful manner, such as steps or a process. The “community” is great at pointing to definitions and articles, or telling someone “what” to do or set up in general terms, without going into the “how” and assuming that whatever Airtable has listed is enough. Or better yet, someone posts a question only to be interrogated about why they want to do a certain action. And no, it’s not because the respondent wants to gain more insight and actually help. And the community is not robust enough to support much in the way of Google searches, while other programs have experts that actually show steps for difficult concepts. I have certainly found some useful items and information here, but it seems like everyone is holding back, perhaps to consolidate all the knowledge with the paid third-party consultants? In all fairness, it could be much worse…you know what I mean if you’ve ever tried to learn Linux on your own.

Aside from this specific thread example, I obviously don’t know what other posts you’re looking at when you say this, but there are many of us (myself included) who go into great detail when offering solutions to users’ problems. That said, there are times when we may not have the time to go into a detailed response, so what we offer may be a bit more brief.

Please remember that with very few exceptions, everyone in the community is a fellow user, not part of Airtable staff. We’re all volunteering our time to help others with their problems. We each have a different set of circumstances that affects how much we’re able to contribute, and differing motivations driving how much effort we put into our responses. While I can only speak for myself, my motivation when offering brief responses is no less genuine than when I write a detailed breakdown. I sincerely hope that what I offer—long or short—will help the user with what they need. If they require further assistance, I’ll do my best to help as circumstances permit.

I’ve seen a few responses along this line, but for the most part the questions I see (and those I try to ask) are genuinely seeking for greater insight.

I’m not trying to dismiss the issues you’re seeing, but it’s entirely possible that the cross-section of threads you’ve viewed so far don’t accurately represent the entire community. I encourage you to give it a bit more time, and (as your circumstances allow) dig into a greater number of discussions, which will likely paint a more full and accurate picture of the community.

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I don’t think it’s unreasonable to suggest that consultants may be holding key elements of solutions or tactics in solving difficult challenges. Nor do I think it’s unreasonable to do so. Consultants do this work to pay for food for their families. Information and hard-won knowledge is their stock-in-trade and time is their inventory. Some of the responses from @Justin_Barrett (for example) obviously took many hours to formulate, prove, and document. Frankly, I’m surprised at the level of effort he (and others) exert to answer questions.

Expecting consultants to surrender both elements (time and knowledge) and to do so in great detail is probably an unreasonable expectation. Imagine asking your plumber to stop by to train you in the installation of a water softener and then thank him politely and send him on his way.

As a creator of anything, we each have a duty to find a good pathway to success with tools. If you are unable to sweat it out with whatever clues you can glean without cost in the marketplace, you are free to hire people who have already invested sizeable energies to implement your vision.

I have a hunch that your experience is not [entirely] based on a single facet (like forum responses to your questions); rather, it’s likely a collection of friction points that I believe make Airtable sometimes a tough road especially if you’ve had significant experience with other spreadsheet and database tools.

Indeed, this community is rife with complex approaches that seem to me (anyway) to make solutions overly complex and less usable. I don’t like it. I’m guessing you don’t either. No one can argue that some answers go to extreme lengths (in some cases) to solve particular challenges - i.e., a convoluted workaround. But, we also must recognize that Airtable is not ideal for every challenge - there are bad fits in some cases and we have additional responsibilities to assess this. In some cases, you must blend Airtable with other tools and integrate with other services to achieve your objectives.

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Sorry my answer was so insufficient it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I have a whole Airtable workspace setup to make dummy bases for and share with other Community users, but I can’t do that for every question I come across. I’m not a consultant, I just provide some help where I can rather than let some questions go unanswered. For this thread, I listed the steps to take, which I took to be enough since OP hasn’t asked any additional follow-ups.