Help with Google Sheets to Apple Keynote


Overview: So I have a keynote presentation that I use to deliver to my clients as a Real Estate Market update. I have tables with data that I have to manually input into my Keynote presentation. My keynote is professionally designed and looks beautiful so I am inclined not to convert it to a PPT or Google Slides. At the end, when I am done I convert to a PDF and host on my site Local Market Genie so people can subscribe and receive weekly/monthly emails. I can also shoot it to my clients directly.

Here is my problem, it takes me too long to automatically input all of the numbers into my keynote.

Here is my set up, I have a google sheet that I use currently to update my numbers.

Here is the ultimate goal, find a solution that can pull the data from the Google Sheet and automatically place it into my Keynote presentation.

I am not sure how you guys fit in and here is where I need your advice. I was recommended by an IT friend of mine.

What would be the right direction and how can I use your service to make it easy and keep my great design of the presentation?

Sheet>Slides (convert Keynote and host there)>Generate PDF
Sheets and sync Excel (using a third party like syncsheet io)>PPT>PDF

One thing to keep in mind is that I am trying to keep it Mac friendly, have a nice designed table and ultimately export it to PDF to host on my site Local Market Genie for people to subscribe and get it emailed to them.

I do have Zapier Premium, if that helps the process.

Thank You and I look forward to receiving your advice and help.