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I want to create a scenario in Integromat to gather data from a website and place it into Google Sheets and then into an Airtable database or another Google Sheet to alert me by gmail.

Now my question is:

The website that I want to gather information from does not have API protocol, so I was wondering if a script can be written for a Mac computer and if so, can someone write one for me?

It’s a TV guide website.

I would like to have current, updated information, gathered every week for about 25 British TV Shows. The Favourites option does not give me current, updated information.

This is the website:

This is an example of a British TV Show on the zap2it website, that I would like to gather data from:

It’s the episode “VOID”, that has “NEW”, in the description.

I would like to be alerted when a “NEW” British TV show will air, there are about 25 TV Shows.

I should also mention that this website does not have API protocol, unfortunately, so I cannot use the normal Integromat modules for this situation.

Any help would be be appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi Mary,

Technically with Integromat you would not need an API for this type of data. You could simply use an HTTPS module with a GET or REST command I believe, along with the data set you want it to look for.


Hi Patrick_Ford1

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, normally that would work, but unfortunately, that’s not the case in this particular situation.

Thank you,