Help with Query on Collaboration

Hi - I’m new to Airtable. When one of my team chooses a filter while I’m using Airtable I can see it happening live on my screen and it overrides what I am doing. Is there any way around that? Thanks

Welcome to the community, @Melissa_Sheridan!

Yes, there are a few different solutions.

You could lock the view so that nobody can make changes to its filter.

Even better would be to create 2 different views, one for you and one for your colleague. Then, you can each use a different view for your data entry.

And even better is that you can make a view personal, so only YOU can change the filter, and the view is hidden by default from all the other users.

H - thanks for responding. So, there are 4 of us using the one base table at the same time, updating and altering information etc - using filters as we go - If we all choose a different view, would that mean we wouldn’t see eachothers changes ? Thanks

No, the data is the same across all views.

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