Hide fields in Expanded View

Is it possible to hide fields in the expanded view?

Right now the expanded views is totally unusable. We have over 100 fields in our table, but only need to see 6-10 in the expanded view. Is that possible?

Thank you!

Hi @Paul_Warren,

In such case, you can make one of 2 things:

  1. Make a new Grid View, hide all the fields except for the one you want to see. You will then see the 6-10 fields only in the expanded view and you will aee then others as hidden.

  2. Create a Kanban or Gallery view and customize the card to see only the 6-10 fields.

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How do I know which view the expanded record info will be pulled from when looking at the record from a different table or a block?

My current prime example is from within the Gannt block

It pulls from the first view in the list. So make sure the new view is on top of the Views list

That is unfortunate as I have several gantts and desire different views, but thank you!

This shouldnt be a problem, it will not pull the record from the view used in the Gantt , it will pull it from the first View in the table itself. Try it and let me know.

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It is much much better now! I still wish I could customize the exploded view for each Gantt (each pulls from a different view, so just using the exploded record format from that view would be great). That said, knowing I just need to customize the first view is still a big help!


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