Hours Worked Field


I am looking for an hours worked field. I have two date/time fields. One is labeled “Time Punch In:” and the other is labeled “Time Punch Out:” in the next field that is labeled “Total Time:” I want it to put the hours worked into it. I can get it to do it to x hours and x minutes, but I need it to put the hours and minutes into a decimal format to show 0.00. For example, If the ‘Time Punch In:’ is 12:09pm and the ‘Time Punch Out:’ is 7:55pm, the “Total Time:” should show 7.77. Can anyone help me with this?


It would be great to have a time (Duration) field … :wink:
Anyway, I tried to find a workaround:

In the field TIME WORKED I used this formula:
The part OR(IN=Blank(),OUT=Blank() is to avoid the ERROR display in the field.
This is the total amount of minutes

In HOURS I used:
Use ROUNDDOWN with the 0 decimal

The difference between TIME WORKED and the HOURS * 60.

To DISPLAY the time according to your preference, you may consider the function CONCATENATE
The formula is needed when the seconds are lower then 10. If you skip the formula, the time may display something like 7.4 in stead of 7.04
Also when the minutes are zero, you use CONCATENATE to display the “00”.

I am sure there are other functions, but this could be an option you like.