How can I check a box if two multi-select columns match?

Hello! I’m new to airtable and formulas, and I’d love to figure out an automatic way to check if things are ideal as they or, or if I need to work on them…

I have two fields: “Whose Job Now?” and “Whose Ideal Job?” that contain the same multi-select options.

How could I use a formula to compare the two columns and check a box in another column called “Ideal?” when they match?

Thanks so much for your help!

You can’t have Airtable automatically check a “Checkbox” type field for you - but you can use a “Formula” field to return either a green check emoji or a red x emoji based on the select fields.

Make a Formula field, “Ideal”, with this formula:

IF(OR({Whose Job Now?},{Whose Ideal Job?}),IF({Whose Job Now?} = {Whose Ideal Job?},"✅","❌"),BLANK())

The first part of that checks if there is a value in either {Whose Job Now?} OR in {Whose Ideal Job?} - if not (both are blank), it skips over the middle part of the formula and executes the BLANK() at the end, which just means the cell will be blank.

If there is a value in either of those fields, it will check to see if they are the same - if so, it will return :white_check_mark: in the cell, and if not, it will return :x: in the field.

You can, of course, change the emojis to whatever you’d prefer to represent “yes” and “no”. But this is the way I would do what you are looking for.

EDIT: To add that you can filter a table based on the presence of an emoji in a cell, so you could still filter this to show only :x:’s, just as you could to show only unchecked boxes.


Wonderful! Thanks so much, Jeremy :slight_smile:


Hi @Jeremy_Oglesby
What if there is more than one item in the fields to compare?

How would your formula work if I wanted to add in a third column the features that are similar et columns 1 and 2? For instance, in the first record, I would see ‘Feature2’ in the third column.



Also looking for something similar. Please let me know if you get a solution.

Hi. Have you found any solution for this?