How do I create multiple tables for the same item?

I have a list of many items in Column A.

On one table I want to track expenses, cost of * goods, etc. for the items
On a second table I want to track physical characteristics (size, weight, dimensions) for the items
On a third table I want to track inventory re-order trigger levels for the items
On a fourth table I want to have descriptions, photos, UPC codes for the items.

All these tables should have the items in Column A

But I can’t figure out how to ‘link’ each item from column A to the same item in Column A of the other tables.

How do you do this? I’ve searched and searched. I’m on the PRO Plan

Thank you! Lawrence

Hi @Lawrence_Ames ,

The first Field (column) cannot be linked. The Field Type allowed in the first column are as shown in this screenshot.

In this case, put the items you want in the second column, make a separate Table of the items, link this Field (column) to the said table. As shown in this screenshot.

Does this answer your question?

Best Regards,

Hi Mo,

So I’m not understanding.

What do I put in Column 1, the one that can’t be linked?

I usually put a serial number. This applies only to the table where you want to convert the field to Linked.

So you can do the following:

Make a table that contains Column A data only

In the other tables, insert a new field and copy column A to it, make sure it is not the first one. Then change these fields to Linked.

Send me link to view the tables if you want and I can show you.