How to update the original record which was synced to a second base and had new fields created and filled

We are using two bases to work different steps of a workflow but are having difficulty syncing all the data back to the original record source in “base #1”.

“Base #1” has the planning, design request & scheduling executed and “base #2” has the designing, design proofing & final design attachment executed. We have synced a table from base #1 to base #2 but then created new fields to be worked in base #2, how do we update the original record in base #1 to the applicable new fields created in base #2?

As a note, we were able to sync all the applicable fields back to base #1 in a new table but that did not fulfill our workflow need as we require the new field data to be included in the original table in base #1.

Any ideas on how to build this differently or automate the data to flow full circle?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Alison_Saucier ,

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There are multiple ways to achieve that:

  1. You could’ve used one base for all your requirements and instead of having a different base just use different views

  2. In case you dont want someone to see something in Base 1 then you need to use the table you synced in from Base 2 in Base 1 to create an automation. One important field you will need to sync both ways is the Record ID from Base 1. You can then use this record ID to link the records using an automations when you sync it back to Base 1. (hope this makes sense?)

#1 will work, #2 will not work. The only other options would be to write a custom JavaScript or use an external automation tool like Zapier or But #1 is the preferred solution.

Thank you for your suggestions, #2 was helpful.

I will note in case it helps others that we tracked the Record ID as it was synced to Base 2 and then back to a new table in Base 1 and it changed each time.

We were able to work around this by creating two automations to trigger the information to move forward using the find records action and conditional configurations based on the unique name of the record.

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