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Duplicate an Entire Workspace

See an old discussion on this but nothing recent...any suggestion on best practices for copying an entire Workspace?  Built a workspace for a non-for-profit organization with multiple geographic chapters, looking for a means to give the tool we've bu...

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Resolved! Sharing Forms with internal staff for completion

I am new to Airtable. I have create a Form to capture Emergency Contact Information. When I shared the link, the end user must register to complete this form. Is there a way to have the employee complete form without having to create an account or re...

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Airtable data to create invoice in stripe

I have set up a flow in with a webook-airtable-strip-airtable to create and send invoices from stipe using the data in Airtable.It all works apart from when creating the invoice in stripe it creates an invoice for £0.00. It looses all the pr...

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Airtable Power BI Integration

Dear Airtable Community,I'm reaching out to seek assistance with a perplexing issue regarding the Airtable - Power BI Integration that has been causing me considerable frustration.As many of you are aware, the Airtable API imposes a limit of 100 reco...

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Airtable Support

Does anybody know how to actually get a response from airtable support? I submitted a ticket 10 days ago and got an automated reply saying typical response times are 1-2 business days. I've since followed up and still not heard anything,Is support us...

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andyh by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Showing pending status summary

I have a personal facebook art page where I post to many related facebook art groups, when a post is submitted to a group it goes into a moderation state, then I just wait for their admin to accept/decline the submission.I've setup a base that contai...

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Charts not showing iOS interface

Hey guys, just wanted to check if the charts in the interface are showing for anyone in the iOS App?iPad App does not offer interface support currently?

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Need to upgrade ASAP but only getting annual options

Im over limit on a base and trying to upgrade to Business Plan. I cant get a response from support on this item. The system is only giving me annual options, not monthly, which we are currently on. Ive attached a screenshot. The system shows monthly ...

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Resolved! Pasting into linked field will not create new rows in linked table

I'm pasting a single-line text field ("Whisky Name") into a linked field ("Link to Summary Page"), and it used to paste all the names across into the linked field. The action was that if a name matched with an existing one, it linked it to the existi...

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MDB by 4 - Data Explorer

Resolved! How prorated billing works with specific timeframes/users

Hello, I have a question that I am having trouble finding an exact answer for; my company manages week-long events at a large scale and I'm trying to determine how much it would cost to allow several temporary collaborators on a specific base for a w...

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Add Table Button Flickering (MAC, Safari)

So I am having an issue with Airtable on MAC. When I am in any base and on the first table the button to add another table is constantly flickering. (see Link for a video, not my video but same issue),

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Free plan unlimited bases?

I find that the pricing page shows that the free plan can have unlimited bases. Detailed plan comparison table on the pricing page shows that free plan can have only 1 workspace. Also I find in this page Airtable Plans - Summary & Overview | Airtable...

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weekly pay period

Hi! the last column in booking details is payout week. how can I bring that to payout details table to show what each person did each pay period? it shows me what each person did, but it doesn't specify what pay period it is

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 12.27.48 PM.png Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 12.28.34 PM.png
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Filesize trouble importing Excel sheet

Hi, using the Free version I'm trying to import a  15MB Excel sheet into an existing base with four tables (3-6 records per table) but I get the following message:"testfile.xlsx exceeds maximum allowed size of 5 MB"I assume this is a limit of the Fre...

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Maintain order across views

Hi,I would like to use Airatble to support my work in prioritizing a list of items.  I would like to be able to drag-and-drop items (records) up and down a list to show items higher in the list are higher priority.Then... I would like to be able to l...

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Copy Base to Client Account

 I'm looking for the best way to copy a base to another account. When someone finishes training we would like to give them a copy of a base and want an easy way to do this. This is what I've tried: Option 1: Share the base with them via email or a li...

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