How to use the formula

Thank you for your help.
I’m sorry for the beginner’s question, but please tell me.
I want to make a cash register. I made it based on the idea of Excel, but could you tell me if it is feasible?

■ 入金 - 出金 = 残高
→This was achieved with the formula

■ 残高(upper record) + 入金 - 出金 = 残高
→ How should this formula be realized?
Or could you please tell me if you need to review the table design?

Thank you.

Hello @111231,

Adam from Airtable here.

Please note formulas in Airtable are slightly different from formulas in a traditional spreadsheet program. In a spreadsheet, you can put a formula in any cell, and have it reference any other cell in the sheet. Airtable is a relational database so formulas are applied for the entire field (what Airtable calls a column) so that the same formula applies to every record in that field. For more information on building formulas in Airtable, I’d suggest looking over the following:

Sorry to not have a more direct answer/solution for you at this time.

Good evening
Thank you for telling me various things.
As you say, it’s not the same as spreadsheets.
I want to study little by little so that I can realize what I want to do.

This case was realized by referring to the following. It’s not perfect, but the minimum requirements have been met.

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