Hyperlinks in blocks


I have a list of Zoom sessions that I need to get out to my colleagues for meetings. However, when I put all of the information in the block, from the database on airtable, they don’t come up as Hyperlinks and they are difficult to copy from the PDF I send out. I was wondering if there was a way to make them a clickable link to make everyone’s lives easier.


Welcome to the community, @Erica_Causi! :smiley: Based on the forum category you chose, I’m guessing you’re using the URL Preview block. Is that correct? If so, that may not be the optimal choice. That block is designed to preview (i.e. open) a URL that you select from your base.

Could you please share more about the table where these URLs live (specific table and field names are a big help), and more about the specific process you wish to use to share the URLs with your audience?

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