IF Formula with two options for returning a given value

I’m hitting a wall, but got at least halfway to the solution! I have two scenarios that I’d want to return a given statement.

Option A: Someone has a “Yes” in FCIHSEP and a “Fall 2021” in Cohort
Option B: Someone has a “Yes” in FCIFEB and a “Spring 2022” in Cohort

Either of those should meet the criteria to return the “:white_check_mark: Paid” statement.

I got it to work for Option A, but I’m a bit stuck on how to build in Option B as an alternate way to satisfy the statement.

What I have so far:
Airtable Image

IF(AND(FCIHSEP = “Yes”, Cohort = “Fall 2021”),“:white_check_mark: Paid”)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @gretchen
I think I understand what you are asking for. Can you try this formula?

  OR(AND(FCIHSEP="Yes",Cohort="Fall 2021"),
  AND(FCIFEB="Yes",Cohort="Spring 2022")),"✅ Paid")

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THANK YOU. I wish you could have seen my face when that actually worked. I know it was probably the simplest fix, but I was struggling. Thank you for your help!

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