IF OR formula with multiple columns

I have two columns, one for USD price and EUR price. I want these prices to automatically be converted to DKK (Danish crowns), so:

USD price*6.51 = DKK price


EUR price*7.44 = DKK price

So, if there is a value in the USD price column, this value gets multiplied by 6.51 and the result is displayed in the DKK price column. If there is no value under USD, then it takes the EUR price instead.


So far I have added this formula:

IF(OR({Realized price (USD)}>0,{Realized price (EUR)}>0),{Realized price (USD)}*6.52,{Realized price (EUR)}*7.45)

But this only takes into account USD price. If USD is empty it will return a value of 0 and disregard EUR price.


The reason is you don’t need an OR argument, because this would actually mean that even if the USD price is empty but the EUR price is not, it will also multiply the USD price (which us zero).

You should use the same formula without the OR and no need to have > 0

So the formula would be

IF({Realized price (USD)},{Realized price (USD)}*6.52,{Realized price (EUR)}*7.45)

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Of course! That makes sense - thank youuuu

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