If Statement with Currency Field & Lookup Field

I have an if statement that adds 2 different types of fields together (Lookup and Currency). I cannot format the lookup field to become a currency field and I think that because of that, I cannot do any mathematical operations between the 2 fields. Is there a work around to this? I’ve tried concat-ing a “$” in to the Lookup but no such luck.


Hi @Jack_Cooney - If the lookup field is a currency (or number) in its origin table, then you should just be able to add it to another currency field in the 2nd table:

Here my total is:

Price + Currency

(then total is formatted as currency).

A couple of things you could check

  • is the lookup field a number/currency in its table?
  • What is the IF statement you are using? If the statement gives out mixed results, e.g. a number in one scenario and text in another, this could be the issue
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Can you post screen captures of both the lookup field and the original field that is being looked up?

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Thanks for the response. I was able to solve the issue by using BLANK() in my IF() statement instead of IF(TRUE,“X”,""), which must’ve allowed the field to be considered a number instead of text. I appreciate the help, too @kuovonne

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