If this formula help

I need help with a conditional statement working with dates.
So in the table there is a time slot however the conditions lie on the right where the start and end times actually are. So if a slot is taken at 10:30 for instance how would I formulate a statement saying if appointment time is between then “booked”

Hi @Chafen_Suttle,

Would you like to try:

IF(DATETIME_DIFF({start time},{end time},‘hours’)<DATETIME_DIFF({start time},date, ‘hours’),“No”, “between booked”)

Please text us back if it work finally.

Dimitris Goudis

Hi Dimitris,

Thanks for your help. I tried it and I’m getting an error message. I tried to add a checkbox instead of a multi select as well but nothing.


Maybe that will help make more sense to actually see it. Basically whatever appointment slot is selected an automation will mark extra time off before and after based on the other two fields so anything between them we need to change to not available or checked or something.

Hi there,

Please, put all your date fields in the same time zone, then check the results :wink:

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