Is it possible to write a formula for: IF within 1 week of this date, highlight this date?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all!
I think this would be super helpful to have programed as a default. "within (number of days) of date chosen, date will highlight as (choose color)

Short of that, is there a way to script this?

Thank you,

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Hi @Barry,

welcome to Airtable community! This is possible but it is required to have a Pro plan in Airtable because the coloring option is in available on that plan.

Then you can create a formula field which will check the conditions of formatting. For example for 30 days before a date, the date has to be formatted:

IF(DATETIME_DIFF({your_date_field},now(),‘dasys’)<30,“red color”,“blue color”)

The next step is to set up a conditional formatting like the “red color” with the red color.

Please text us back if it works for you.

Dimitris Goudis