Importing data in a multiselect field without overwriting existing values

Hi all, I have a csv file with a column that contains the name of the project associated with the client. So I have a csv file with 2 columns:

customer email, project name.

I have to import this file into the customer table on Airtable where the “merge field” is the email and the project name must be inserted in a multiselect field. The problem is that many customers already have projects in their multiselect field and doing this import is all overwritten and only the last imported project remains.

So the question is how is it possible to import (add) new values in “multiselect field” without overwriting the already existing values?

Thanks so much everyone for the help


add project_name values in a new text field
create another formula field with
ARRAYJOIN( existing_multiselect_field & ‘,’ & new_field, ‘,’)

ignore trailing commas, that may be present if one or both fields are empty
turn formula field into multiselect


Fantastic! thank you Alexey!

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