Importing from Google Sheets to air table and getting error message about conflicting change

Similar to another user I’m having the following issue:

"I am trying to import a Google Sheet containing ~500 rows of data into Airtable. Airtable successfully detects the data, including the column labels, but after I confirm and press the “Import” button, it always throws this error “says conflicting with another change.Refersh page”

I’ve tried downloading the table into csv and reuploading and it does the same thing. The only way it works is to copy and paste data in but all the clicks for what i need to import is brutal on my wrists as I’m disabled. I need to be able to just import. The table is full of contact info for organizations so not really numbers or formulas or anything linked at all.

. How can I fix this?

I would send an email to about this issue, and report back here with what they say!

I did and haven’t heard anything

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