iOS - Allow users to change width of visible column


My iPhone doesn’t allow me to change the width of the first column, making it very hard to read what is written there…


I second that. Clear, well laid out data on a mobile device is key.


Yes, I’m having the same problem. Would be really nice to be able to adjust the width of columns in the mobile app the same way you can in the desktop version… or have the column widths set in the desktop version mirror in the mobile version. - Thanks


I need this capability, too. It’s a requirement for an application I’m developing for customers, so, for what it’s worth, I think it’s more than a “nice to have” feature. Has anyone heard when this capability will be available?


This would be a nice feature to have for both iPhone and iPad to avoid cutting off field values – especially the Name field. On iPhone, nothing is cut off in portrait mode.


However, when I switch to landscape mode, the layout changes. Now a lot of the field values are truncated. It’s ironic because I have more width in landscape mode but I can see less.

On iPad, field values are truncated in both orientations.


Column adjustment is important for a spreadsheet-like application!

Excel have this and so are all the other 3rd party Excel-compatible iOS application.


Need to be able to adjust the first column with please !


Adding my support for this request - the cutoff of field entries makes things difficult.


This is a must! Please add the feature!


2 years later and still no solution?

Please make this a priority. the iOS app is useless for us, all the important fields are cut off. Even on the iPad app the fields are cut off. We use Airtable to keep track of movement of cars for our logistics, it’s important we are able to see the full 16 digit VIN.

Browser in iOS doesn’t work either


Don’t hold your breath. Airtable seems to be focusing on desktop browser version. I asked some direct question before and Airtable deleted my comment (maybe this one, too!).


Is there a way of sizing a column bigger or smaller in the ios app?