Is AirTable suitable for keeping a personal record of our domains?

We have previously been committing these to a spreadsheet with associated CPanel logins and passwords for each domain and corresponding website. It was being used quite a bit for keeping tracking of where our domains are hosted as we have had them spread across several hosts. However due to recording additional attributes against each website (for instance development/production, domain expired, etc) the current system has become a bit unweildly. The other thing is that it doesn’t present the information in the way that everyone wants. Spreadsheet data table has started to become quite wide and someone is going to have to scroll sideways to get all the information they want.

Does AirTable overcome these limitations? Can we have multiple views of the data? Would it be easy to search and sort? Is there a data row limitation on the free account that we should know about before we start?


Hi Glenn, and welcome to the community!

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes, it’s like 1200 records I think.

Look into Views, filtering, sorting, grouping, hiding fields, and sharing to shape the user experiences.

Can I import the initial data from spreadsheet or CSV?

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