Is there a way to comment on tables and bases? (not records)


I could not find that feature in the app, neither mention in the documentation.

Currently Airtable provides comment feature on records and attachments.

I’d like to comment on a specific table and base as I want to discuss topics at that level.

There are feature requests for field (=column) and individual cell level commenting.

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Unfortunately table- and base-level comments don’t exist. If you feel that this would be something of benefit to other users, I suggest sharing your thoughts with Airtable support directly.

I could also move this thread to the suggestions category so that others could share their support for the idea. Let me know if you’d like that done (after searching the forum first to see if such a topic already exists).

I think it’s a good idea to move the topic to suggestion category.

I’d like to discuss base and table related topics right there, e.g. how to tweak the table, what workflows to connect.

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