Kanban Cards Need To Be More Compact


Also need the ability to expand/collapse the 'NAME" attribute in both Kanban and gallery views. (Similar to the grid functionality but on Gallery and Kanban views). My printouts have half the text cut off.


The lack of usability for Kanban view is crazy. Similar to Trello, this is one of the reasons we opted to port over our product management to Airtable; however, the lack of support for Kanban on mobile and the title truncated makes it unusuable on the road or during meetings.

This would solve a lot of pain, Airtable!


This is the sole reason our product team won’t be adopting Airtable. You can’t see what things are with three words visible tops. Clicking into the card to read the title (or hovering) is simply too cumbersome.

I have tried three times thinking maybe I could make it work because I want everything else in Airtable so badly, but this simple change would earn them a paying team instantly.


Perhaps the solution here is to let a Kanban view select a Page Designer object to use as the template for the card? AirTable should still offer a nicer looking default card - seriously, why haven’t you done this? - but it would allow deeper customization so you don’t have to solve everyone’s problem and create further product stickiness.


Hi everyone. I was also really disappointed when I imported all my Trello cards into Airtable and realized that the Kanban cards could only display the first few words from my titles. So I decided to fix it with some custom CSS on userstyles dot org.

To use this custom CSS, first you need to install the Stylish browser extension. Then go to the userstyles dot org website, and search for the “Airtable - Better Kanban Titles” style. (Sorry, I’m not allowed to include any links in my post!)

I was able to make the font smaller and allow up to two lines, instead of one. That used up all of the available margin, and unfortunately I’m not able to add more lines without access to the JavaScript source code. (The cards use position: absolute and they calculate the heights and offsets in JS, so I can’t do too much else here.) But I think this is already a huge improvement.

Please try it out and let me know if you run into any issue! And hopefully the Airtable designers will add this as a built-in option.


Yes 100% Agree. The number one feature needed to change on kanban is allowing the full title to show. The benefit of kanban is to see an overview. Its kind of useless without being able to quickly glance at the titles (getting cut off).

Thank you so much @Nathan_Broadbent for posting your fix. I googled your blog post and found the solution. For anyone looking for his solution, google: Migrating From Trello To Airtable + formapi

Super quick and easy using the extension!