Launched: button field 🔘

The button field is now available for all users! Use it to trigger custom actions for a record—like scheduling calendar events, sending emails, creating custom invoices, generating reports, running scripts, finding stock images, or even opening other Airtable links.

For more information on the button field and how you can use it, check out our launch blog post:

We’re especially excited about the potential applications of the run script action for button field, which is why we’re holding a scripting contest in our community forums themed all around scripts that take advantage of the button field. The contest winner will win $1,000! All submissions are due by Friday, July 3, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PDT .


Pretty awesome! I’ve already implemented this into a client’s Airtable database this morning — they just click on the button and that record shows up in the Page Designer Block.


@Katherine_Duh will we be able to run actions similar to the ‘batch’ block, but only for that particular record, using the button field?

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Thanks for the suggestion @Jarvis_Digital! We’re still exploring which blocks we want to add button field support for next. Anyone should feel free to leave more ideas in this thread, along with your use cases — this will help us prioritize suggestions.

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I would love to be able to click on a button for a record, and have the Page Designer block generate a PDF file for that record, and then attach that PDF to an outgoing email in Apple Mail which is pre-addressed to the email address in my email field.

You can only do this now if you manually go through each & every step on your own.

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Any way to avoid the blocks side bar from opening after clicking on a button and running a script?
I just want to add new records whenever the button is pressed


Buttons are awesome :star_struck:
I’d like to see now a conditionnal button feature ! I’m sure you can do it :wink:
Show a button when [AND|OR conditions] !